wednesday, june 22: 7-8.30pm : drop-in class : how to stop overthnking (class four)




Note: Drop-in classes are usually: $8 ($6 unemployed/low wage: use coupon ‘unwaged‘) centre members: this class is included in your membership: use coupon: ‘centremember

About The Teacher

Birgit has been a student of Kadampa Buddhism since arriving in New Zealand ten years ago. She began teaching with the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Wellington where she was also Admin Director (AD) for three years.  She was appointed as resident teacher of the centre at the beginning of 2020, and brings sincerity, bubbly enthusiasm and kindness to her teaching. She is always looking for ways to make dharma practical, relevant and meaningful – so that students are able to see how to use dharma and meditation to make a positive changes in their lives.
eight steps to happiness: the buddhist way of loving kindness

“What would the world be like if everybody had the opportunity to practise the Buddhist Way of Loving Kindness? ”,  Gen la Dekyong asked at the beginning of the teachings on the Eight Steps to Happiness during the International Summer Festival.

“What would happen to our world? Every person needs these instructions, everyone needs these scientific methods that fulfil our deepest wishes for freedom from pain and problems and to experience pure and everlasting happiness.”

“What the world really needs is examples. How wonderful if we could be that example. Modern people believe what they see; if we could be truly kind, truly humble, if our every thought was for others, we could be that example for others.”

This eight week course is based on Geshe la’s book the new Eight Steps to Happiness, a commentary to Eight Verses of Training the mind by Bodhisattva Langri Tangpa.

We will train our mind in eight steps through contemplating, meditating on and practising Langri Tangpa’s methods to become more loving, kinder, with more understanding for others and to transform adversity into fuel for our spiritual path.


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